• Quarantine Activities

    This is a rare chance for us to really take this time for ourselves and enjoy the time we have to do the activities we typically put off. If you don’t really have a hobby, this is also an opportunity to try that activity you’ve always wanted to!
  • Festival Season Beyond Music

    Festivals have shifted from the typical music scene and have begun to incorporate important consumer interests. Knowing which festivals are actually worth the price, which are actually legitimate and where to even look can be difficult. To simplify the process, we’ve outlined some of the types of festivals in 2020 and some emerging events that are unique! 
  • Our Relationship with Food

    Food is undoubtedly in every single person’s life. Some may have more than others, but regardless it is something we all as humans have in common. Food is a powerful resource as it is the fuel we need to live our lives to the fullest. It has the power to change our lives significantly and more importantly change our mental health.
  • Fact or fiction: Does Clean Beauty Exist?

    As consumers, we are constantly bombarded with new products every single day. As trends change, so do the products on the market. The beauty industry has had a humongous shift in towards what is defined as “clean beauty” as consumers are having greater input into what is produced, and are caring more about the impact of their purchases.
  • New Year Intentions 101

    Every year is an opportunity for us to reset. We have the ability to reflect on our past mistakes and habits, which helps us to alter and improve our future selves. Regardless if you have or haven’t started the new year with a list of intentions, here are 5 small changes to start the new decade off right! 
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