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  • The Pow Wow Etiquette: In Conversation with Deanne Hupfield

    "It's all about the land." - Deanne Hupfield     Pow Wows are an amazing place to experience the diverse culture of native tribes through the...
  • Celebrate Indigenous History with 9 Canadian Indigenous-Owned Brands

    From apparel to food, enlighten your senses with these incredibly impactful brands and stories that cultivate and preserve Indigenous heritage. A...
  • Through An Indigenous Lens: The Sustainable Lifecycle

    We like to look at sustainability a little differently. Today, the highest standard of sustainability is achieved when we look beyond the environmental concerns, like the safety of using products and its social impact. We're on a mission to craft sustainable cosmetics through the integration of Indigenous wisdom and innovative technologies while helping every Indigenous youth on the planet see and feel their value in the world!
  • Mother Earth Day

      We all share the same breath - the land, the people, the animals, the water, and the air.   Ask yourself: Are your decisions today ensuring an ...
  • Tree Wisdom

    "Be like a tree. Stay grounded. Connect with your roots. Turn over a new leaf. Bend before you break. Enjoy your unique natural beauty. Keep growi...
  • SUSTAIN Eyes: Two-Eyed Seeing

      You have two eyes, but only look with one view. The idea is not new, but the concept “Two-Eyed Seeing” was termed by author and Mi’kmaw Elder...
  • Going Back To Our Roots, One Lipstick At A Time

    Our native ancestors surely have a teaching about the decisions we’re making today. They are asking us: ‘How are your actions benefiting the next...
  • Cheekbone Beauty's Favourite Things

        2020, you’ve surely been a unique one. Needless to say, you managed to put a strain on businesses around the world. At Cheekbone Beauty, with ...
  • Jenn Harper Gives 5 Tips on How to Support the Indigenous Community

    Jenn Harper, founder of Cheekbone Beauty, gives 5 tips on how to support the Indigenous community in her interview with blogger Mursal Rahman.
  • Resetting Our Lives

    After over a month in quarantine, it is incredible to see the shift in our lifestyles. The pandemic crisis has opened new-found values and mindsets in many individuals. Taking days to pause, recharge and focus on these meaningful aspects of life is what will guide and allow ourselves to live more fulfilling, creative and purposeful lives.
  • Meet Sustain by Cheekbone

    It is the duty of the consumer to shop responsibly, while it is the duty of the company to produce a product that is environmentally friendly without compromising its quality. It is time that companies step-up in their efforts and start creating products that can benefit us all. Introducing our new Sustain by Cheekbone Lipstick!
  • Quarantine Activities

    This is a rare chance for us to really take this time for ourselves and enjoy the time we have to do the activities we typically put off. If you don’t really have a hobby, this is also an opportunity to try that activity you’ve always wanted to!
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