Our Goals

If you follow Cheekbone Beauty you know whole-heartedly, we are working hard to make big changes in the way develop and sell products in addition to empowering Indigenous youth. Our original goal was to become zero-waste by 2023. Throughout our journey we have realized that at this point in time, zero-waste is next to impossible. But we are committed to creating as little waste as we can and hope that you will follow along on this journey with us.


We like to look at sustainability a little differently. In today’s economic climate, the highest-standard of sustainability is reached when a product and/or service meets the needs of today without compromising the ability of the next generation to fulfill their needs. The concept is composed of three pillars: economic, environmental, and social—also known informally as profits, planet, and people. What makes us special is that our sustainability journey embodies the strengths of Western Culture and Indigenous Wisdom, also known as Two-Eyed Seeing. Termed by Mi’kmaq elder Dr.Albert Marshall, this concept nurtures the strengths of Western science and Indigenous knowledge for the benefit of living things and our environment. In addition, we honour and practice the 7th Generation Principle derived by the Iroquois People to not only leave enough for the next generation, but to leave enough for our children in the next seven generations.


Keeping in line with our founders Anishinaabe roots, Cheekbone Beauty is developing products that only take what is needed.

  • Our Innovation Lab enables us to manufacture in-house eliminating the need to outsource products - outsourcing requires massive minimums which means small businesses have to purchase large amounts of goods at once and are unable to sell it all, creating waste.
  • Rethinking packaging that meets the needs of balance and take; Packaging that is refillable, recyclable, compostable or biodegradable.
  • Re-purposing manufacturing equipment
  • Raw ingredients from plant or bio-based sources.
  • Innovative processes to lead and merge ancestral technologies with modern science



Cheekbone Beauty has a diverse and inclusive workforce. We are a proud BIPOC founded and owned company using Indigenous languages and training and development programs for all employees. 


  • Compostable
  • Biodegradable
  • Plantable (seed paper) 
  • Post-Consumer Resins (PCR) material
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified paper
  • Refillable
  • Reusable
  • Vegetable based inks
  • Polylactic Acid (PLA) material




Transportation and Shipping.

  • Items coming from manufacturers oversees are sent by boat rather than air
  • Standard mail used to ship all orders within Canada and US unless otherwise specified by the customer
  • Customer paper-box mailers are recyclable and FSC certified
  • Poly mailers come from 100% recycled materials





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