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Going Back To Our Roots, One Lipstick At A Time

Going Back To Our Roots, One Lipstick At A Time
Going Back To Our Roots One Lipstick At A Time_Cheekbone Beauty

Our native ancestors surely have a teaching about the decisions we’re making today. They are asking us: ‘How are your actions benefiting the next generation?’

Let’s rethink our relationship with the environment and our community. We live in a world where individual benefit is more important than the well-being of our community and our environment, and in a place where hierarchical systems exist. Known as Western culture, competition and accumulation are among highly celebrated drivers in Western behaviour. On the contrary, sustaining our people and sustaining our environment have been key drivers within our Indigenous communities for thousands of years. The main ingredient in Indigenous leadership is humility: it is horizontal and egalitarian, not hierarchical, and the term used by Indigenous people practicing well-being for our community is collectivism. With the realities of our climate emergency, a step in the right direction in order to help our partnership with nature is to practice this in the workplace. But first, it begins by changing our mindset.

Our ancestors have been trying to show us the way for generations. To protect our planet and Indigenous traditional knowledge, we can prioritize collective goals instead of focusing on our individual ones. Integrating Indigenous wisdom in our business models should be as relevant as the scientific facts and data that exist in every day objectives and business decisions. Now, we can do our part to incorporate Indigenous wisdom in our current Western economic thinking, create a value system to benefit our community and the environment, switch our mindset and business models to ecological mode, and work closely with our nations. Through the practice of integrating ancient design into our modern world, we can re-learn how to consume responsibility in order to leave enough for those who will come after.

Indigenous people are responsible for quarter of the world’s land conservation and 80% global diversity, yet only make up about 5% of the population. As a Native beauty brand, while we can’t mimic nature completely, we can try our best. From our roots to your lips, and from our innate connection to land and water, we can re-emerge kindness, community, and compassion in our world!

Only take what you need.


The team at Cheekbone Beauty


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