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The Heartberry - a Perfect Pop of Colour with a Rich Meaning!

The Heartberry - a Perfect Pop of Colour with a Rich Meaning!
by Sophie Allan
A perfect pop of colour with a rich meaning!
One shade of our Courage Cream Lip and Cheek is named Heartberry after Ode’imin (O-day-min), meaning “heart berry” in Ojibwe. The “heart berry” is also known as the strawberry.
The heart berry is important in many Indigenous cultures, as it is used for food and/or medicine. The strawberry plant can be used to treat skin issues, digestive disorders, and strengthen the uterus during pregnancy. The leaves of the berry and the fruit itself are also a great source of Vitamin C.
This fruit is used in many teachings. Elders say “Just as the O-day’-min (heart berry) is connected to the strawberry plant by a vast system of leaves, runners, and roots, so is the heart connected to all the organs and parts of the human body. The heart is at the centre of the human.” The heart berry shows how our mind, body, spirit, and emotions are connected. Our heart guides us to keep our balance.
According to the Mohawk Elder Jan Longboat, the strawberry represents "konnonrónhkwa" though often translated as “I love you”, konnonrónhkwa more accurately translates as “I show you I care.” Konnonrónhkwa means caring and sharing from birth to death. When you say it to someone it reminds us that to love someone is an active experience—one that involves commitment, compassion and caring for as long as you both live.

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