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Meet Sustain by Cheekbone

Meet Sustain by Cheekbone

As consumers, you deserve a product that feels good, looks good and does good for planet earth. Usually, we are left to choose between a product that either works well or is socially responsible. But why can’t we have both? It is the duty of the consumer to shop responsibly, while it is the duty of the company to produce a product that is environmentally friendly without compromising its quality. It is time that companies step-up in their efforts and start creating products that can benefit us all. Introducing our new Sustain by Cheekbone Lipstick!

In efforts of making Cheekbone a carbon-neutral beauty brand, we have released a collection of sustainable lipsticks. What makes them sustainable? Each lipstick is made with:

  • Biodegradable packaging – Can decompose back into the earth without leaving any harmful toxins or chemicals. 
  • 85% less plastic in each tube – Some plastic packaging is necessary in order to provide sanitary and safe products although we have significantly removed the amount in a typical lipstick.
  • Sustainably sourced ingredients – Ingredients sourced and produced to minimize the threats and harm to our planet.
  • No additional/unnecessary packaging – Created with only the necessities. No extra packaging with our new lipsticks.

Why Does Sustainability Matter to Me?

Now, what does this all mean? And how is this changing the beauty industry? Currently, beauty packaging is often wasteful as the shelf-life of most cosmetic products is between 6-18 months. With a short life cycle, thousands of cosmetic products made of plastic are being thrown out every single day. On average, it takes approximately 1,000 years for a plastic item to decompose in a landfill. Here at Cheekbone, we wanted to change the way of the beauty industry and create a more environmentally friendly product by introducing biodegradable packaging. We wanted to help eliminate unnecessary waste and shape a new and more promising future for the beauty industry.  It is important when purchasing a product that we consider the entire life cycle. We need to think about the impacts both during its creation and once it finishes its services to us. Where ingredients are sourced, who they are from and how it will leave a lasting mark on the environment. Choosing a product that has an ethical and responsible life cycle before and after its usage can create a huge difference, starting with biodegradable packaging. 

The definition of biodegradable is a substance or object that can be decomposed by other living organisms. Once finished with the Sustain lipstick, the packaging is a biodegradable waste that can be composted and broken down going back into the earth. This means that the packaging can be reduced without leaving any harmful chemicals or toxicity in the soil. A product that can effectively decompose can take about three months in comparison to the 1,000 years to those made with plastic. In total, this will be a huge shift in the beauty industry creating a positive impact on our environment. 

We believe at Cheekbone it is our duty to protect our earth and we are doing this one lipstick at a time. 

How to dispose of the Sustain lipstick packaging

Once finished with your Sustain lipstick, follow these steps on how to effectively and responsibly dispose of your lipstick:

Step 1: Remove the lid from the Sustain lipstick tube. 

Step 2: Submerge and soak the bottom half (part with lipstick) in a glass of warm water. 

Step 3: Remove the plastic packaging from the base of the lipstick.

Step 4: Compost the cardboard lid and base of the lipstick in your backyard compost area or green bin. Recycle the plastic from step 3.

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