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How to Use a Makeup Sponge

How to Use a Makeup Sponge

As we navigate having a very interactive social media presence, particularly on Instagram, we've learned that our customers always have questions that they'd like to ask us about. Naturally, a lot of these inquiries are “how-to” questions about our products and tools.

I am Cheekbone Beauty’s in-house makeup artist, and I’m here to answer those burning questions with the tips and tricks I’ve learned during my time in the industry. Throughout this blog, I am going to provide some insight on how to best use a beauty sponge for optimal results.


About the Cheekbone Beauty Makeup Sponge

While Cheekbone Beauty is all about our sustainable colour cosmetics, we also provide cosmetic tools that can assist you in the process of getting ready! Our makeup sponge is perfect for seamlessly applying our Complexion Pencils; or even foundation, concealer, contour, and setting powder. The teardrop shape is ideal for detailed application. Although all makeup sponges have different textures in terms of porosity and absorbency, our sponge was created to soak up just the right amount of product to leave your skin with a beautiful, seamless finish.



Prep, Prep and Prep Again!

Before starting with your Cheekbone Beauty Makeup Sponge, I recommend that you ensure that the tool is clean. I always recommend washing your sponge with your favourite facial cleanser. Think of the tool as being a clean palette, if you thoroughly clean your sponge before reusing it, it will allow the products you are using to blend seamlessly into the sponge as opposed to sitting on top of the skin and caking up. Be cautious with old, unwashed sponges as they can harbour bacteria and cause breakouts. Clean sponge, happy skin!


Using the Sponge

Besides cleaning your sponge and ensuring that your skin is hydrated and primed for your look, one of my best tips is that you should always dampen your sponge before applying your base makeup. You can do this with water in your sink. Squeeze the water out and blot the sponge, or you can use a water spray to dampen the sponge. I recommend the VICHY Mineralizing Thermal Water or the Evian Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray. This technique allows you to adjust how saturated you would like your sponge – it all depends on personal preference. It also helps throughout the makeup process to rehydrate products during the blending process if you are using cosmetics that dry quickly, such as matte liquid foundations. You may also notice that after you wet your sponge, it will grow and soften.

The reason I tend to put such an emphasis on wetting your sponge before makeup application is because a dry sponge will absorb a lot of the makeup, especially liquid or cream product, which is incredibly unsustainable and leads to excess waste.


Tips and Tricks

  • Application Tip 1: When using a beauty sponge, press the makeup in versus dragging or gliding. Dragging your sponge pushes the product around and creates streaks.
  • Application Tip 2: You can use the same sponge to blend in your foundation, concealer, contour and powder. Make sure you start with liquid and cream products first before dipping into your powder. This tool is multipurpose and sustainable, as you likely will not need to purchase tools in excess to do a full-face look.


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