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5 Lipliner Techniques

5 Lipliner Techniques

Lipliner is one of those items that is truly underrated during the makeup process. Using a lipliner, like our SUSTAIN Lip Pencil, is such a game changer. Below, I will share 5 lipliner techniques sure to make you fall in love with the product. Personally, I never apply a lipstick, liquid lipstick, lip gloss or even lip balm without using my favourite lipliner.

One of the most important steps, before the lipliner application, is finding a lipliner that is very close to your lip shade. Think about it this way: if you are in a pinch, you could use this lipliner no matter what to line your lips and give you shape, but you can also use the same product to then fill in your lips.


Using a lipliner will almost always make your lipstick, liquid lipstick, or lip gloss last longer. It provides clean, crisp lines around your lips which makes filling them in easy and seamless. If you are looking for the perfect, pink-toned nude lipliner, I would suggest our Sand pencil. A tip that some markup artists will share is that you can even use a pencil eyeliner, like our SUSTAIN Eyeliner Pencil, as a lipliner. In fact, many people use Cedar Brown as a lipliner for a natural looking, true brown. One of the things I love sharing with people is that it is more sustainable to have a few lipliners that you really love, as you will not have to purchase lipsticks in excess; a combination of the lipliners that you already have can drastically change the look of your lipsticks as well.


As a makeup artist, my top 5 tips and techniques for lipliner application are:

  1. Make sure your lips are fully exfoliated, hydrated with a good lip balm, and smooth before any lipliner application. After applying your lip balm, be sure to blot your lips.
  2. Although it’s all about personal preference, I do recommend that you avoid underlining your lips, as it will make them look much smaller and can make your lipstick bleed outside of the lines. Starting at a 45-degree angle and create soft, light strokes until you create the lip shape that you want. Once you have your lines and you like the way it looks, you can go over it again and smooth out the lines and make them bolder if you wish.
  3. Always follow your natural lip line or just above it unless you want to be bold and confident! Starting at your cupids bow, draw a V-shape, and create soft, short strokes until you reach the end of the lip. Make sure you connect the line that traces your top lip to the bottom for a nice pouty look. If you do want to overline your lips, go just slightly above the lip line. When overlining, you can adjust the shape of your cupids bow based on whether you prefer a more rounded or pointy lip. A tip that is crucial when overlining, however, is to make sure you fill in the gap between the line and your lip so that everything blends seamlessly and there isn’t a harsh gap between the lipliner and your lipstick. Blend, blend, blend!
  4. After lining your lips with your chosen pencil, you can fill in the corners of your lips to create an ombre effect - a solid look on the outside, and a lighter appearance on the inside. You can also fill your entire lip with your lipliner, which will give you more of a full coverage look underneath your lipstick. This technique would also look great with a gloss or lip shimmer on top. For a dramatic ombre, you can use a darker lipliner on the outsides of your lips with a lighter lipstick on the inside of the lip.
  5. If you have a very sharp lipliner, try to dull the edge a little before application to create a more seamless, natural line. If the lipliner is too sharp, it will create an unnatural line that is very noticeable under your chosen lip product.


Lexie wearing our True Red Lipliner for an ombre look.
pictured: Lexie wearing True Red Lipliner for an ombre look. 

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