Cheekbone Beauty believes that everyone needs love and gratitude in their lives! When you support Cheekbone Beauty we ship a #pinkfeather or (vegan alternative) with your order to bestow our love and gratitude to you for making a positive impact that changes the lives of our Indigenous youth!

When you receive the #pinkfeather, please pass it on to a person that has done something to earn your love and gratitude! Tell that person why you are giving them the feather and ask that they pass it on to someone that has also impacted their lives in a positive way!

Please share your story of why you passed it on with the rest of the world! Identify those people that have shown you love and gratitude in your life and post it on social media with us @cheekbonebeauty for Twitter and Instagram or on our Cheekbone Beauty page on Facebook!

Cheekbone Beauty looks forward to shipping your #pinkfeather with your order today and thank you for all your support, love and gratitude!



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