One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted is a non-profit organization that makes it easy for anyone and everyone to help the environment. One dollar = one tree planted.

Trees forevermore continue to play an important role in Indigenous culture and our lives as they show us how to adapt, reflect, and change course as we navigate our own paths through life. Annually, we partner with One Tree Planted to give you the option to plant trees through the purchase of your favourite Cheekbone Beauty products! As the organization embarks on their mission to restore our forests, it’s not just about the trees. Deforestation has severely impacted our people and local Indigenous communities. For one, the fire destroying the Yunetsit'in land, has impacted Indigenous people's ability to hunt and gather food as a community. As for the elders who grew up and lived on the land their whole life, they cannot recognize the land they once knew. Each tree is a gift, and every type of tree provides its own gifts – from providing material, to crafting accessories, food gathering, to healing and transportation, planting trees is the first step to protect our lands and restore its ecosystems. It will help us see the berries grow back, the medicines grow back, and for the animals and people to return. Protecting trees, particularly old growth forests, is vital to ensure the health and heritage our ecosystems.



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