Become a cheekbone Warrior

We are so excited to announce our new Brand Advocate program, Cheekbone Warriors. Help us continue to empower Indigenous youth with each purchase of our products. 


We have worked so hard to create a program that works to spread the word and mission of Cheekbone Beauty while providing our customers with the opportunity to receive products, rewards, gift cards, whatever works best for you!

How it works

As a Cheekbone Warrior, you’ll get access to an exclusive portal where you’ll learn about and participate in fun “missions” like:

  • Posting photos and videos on your social media

  • Rating & reviewing our products

  • Sharing special introductory offers with friends

Each time you complete a mission, you’ll earn rewards points that you can redeem for:

  • Free Cheekbone products

  • Donations to charitable organizations

  • eGift cards from Amazon, Whole Foods, Apple, and many other popular retailers


We’re excited to have you as part of the program! Please fill out the form below and we will send you an invitation email. Ensure your social profile is set to public so that your content reaches more people. 


Due to volume, we evaluate and send invitations at the end of each week. Thank you for your patience!



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